We understand that it is difficult for those who are staying further away and/or working to do a walk in as we are usually sold out early, in consideration of that, we are setting aside a small portion of our last bake for reservation from WED to FRI so that you too will be able to enjoy our bakes ◡̈

Please read the full instructions below before placing your order, thank you ◡̈


Reservation opens once a week on Saturday at 4:00PM sharp via Facebook / Instagram messenger.

**NOTE: All reservation requests are processed on a first-received-first-processed basis at 4:00PM sharp**

Please fill up the template below to place your request,

1. Name:
2. Preferred Day: Wed / Thu / Fri
3. Bake Time: 2.30PM
(the earliest available day will be assigned to you)
4. Items and Quantity (view menu here):
(a maximum of 5 viennoiseries and 2 loaves)
5. Other remarks:


We will provide you your reservation details once it is confirmed and you may then proceed to do a PAYNOW/PAYLAH transfer to us. Once the transfer is successful, send us the payer name and we will get back on Monday to confirm the receipt.


We recommend for pick ups to be closer to the bake time at 2.30PM so you can enjoy the bakes fresh from the oven.

Upon collection, do provide us your name and order details for verification.

To minimise social contact, please avoid coming in groups larger than two.

We seek your kind understanding during this period ◡̈