Elisenlebkuchen (15 DEC)


◇Each pack contains 5 Elisenlebkuchen cookies, limited to 2 packs per order.

◇For collection on  Tuesday, 15 Dec, between 2.30PM to 5PM.


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Story of Lebkuchens: Lebkuchen is a traditional German gingerbread, originated in Nuremberg around the 1300s. Elisenlebkuchen, crowned as the finest of them all, is flourless (except for the oblaten wafer at the bottom) and consist mainly of nuts, fruit peels and spices. This recipe was developed in the 1700s by a master Lubkuchneror for his daughter and named after her.


Storage: Keep chilled, best consumed cold. Some say the cookies taste better after 10 days, if you manage to keep them that long 🙂


Ingredients:  Hazelnut , Walnut, Orange Confit, Dark Chocolate, Egg, Sugar, Spices, Oblaten (Wheat Flour, Starch), Edible Gold (23K)